Nov 26, 2020

“Hello? The designer & social media manager can’t come to the screen right now. Why? Cause I have taken over.”

Content holds a special place in the world of digital marketing. A huge amount of content is consumed by the audience every day, and is divided categorically as good, bad, plagiarized, effective, impactful and so on. Many brands have come forward with exceptional & distinctive communication through their social media content & campaigns. For example, Amul has marked its presence with its mascot’s story-telling attribute. Dunzo has also seen a rise in followership with its pun-intended, trendy & relatable content (mostly text-based) on social media. Durex recently indulged crazily in influencer marketing bringing in big celebs speaking for them.

Such big brands have been able to crack the secret to digital marketing achievements, giving three golden rules that every content marketer/ creator must know!

Be original & experimental
Zomato was recently targeted for its constant ‘Rich butter chicken’ advertisement on YouTube. Thousands of Twitteratis wrote to them, and they made an entire campaign involving audience to make fun ads and win Rs. 25 lacs! Crazy right?

Don’t copy, be inspired
Plagiarism is the marketing evil that we need to conquer. What any marketer needs to know, that plagiarism is not welcomed by Google algorithm and it strikes off your chances to rank good in Google SERPs!

Starting a campaign twice a year or applying the same strategy the entire year? It will not get you any leads, engagement or reach! If you fail to deliver & feed your audience online, call it a truce with digital marketing.

As a digital marketing agency, we cannot stress enough how important it is to be regular & awake on online platforms. Be it the social media trends like Duct tape banana, or standing in solidarity with the social media campaign like the #BlackLivesMatter. Your presence can not only be an influence but also make you stand out from the mainstream. It’s never about the visuals you put, it’s always about the message your brand delivers.

Next time you think of a brand new content, make sure to decode these content marketing ways:-

1. Invest in original research
Google has tons of information, and it must be utilized. But that shouldn’t be the only source of information while marketing content. Let your team be involved in brainstorming sessions to bring fresh ideas from their personal experiences. If possible, conduct your own surveys by asking different marketers, entrepreneur or even executives on their take.

2. Go live

Personal interactions & meetings should be your #1 priority when it comes to digital marketing. It opens doorways for your audience to interact with you, ask questions and test your presence of mind. Many social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn have introduced the live feature for brands to easily interact with their followers & networkers.

3. Expand blogging & vlogging

Blogging has been a part of online world since the longest of time. Recently, Vlogs have also gained an exponential rise in the current days (call it the lockdown aftereffects). Video content undoubtedly brings much more attention for its audio & visual advantages. Digital marketing sounds difficult when you are not utilizing the right tools, right mindset & right audience. You must identify the audience that needs your brand or product, and expand them using the right tools via backlinking in blogging, or using hashtags in videos. Be sure to use a catchy headline, but don’t be a hoax and make your consumer fall prey to click baits. Your content must justify the headline you are providing.

4. Be resourceful & helpful

Being consistent doesn’t mean marketing content that has a dead end. With every post, try and be resourceful, be it with a Monday motivation or some informative graphics. As they say, ‘Nothing ever comes for free, you always have to pay a price.’ Let the price paid be relevant & helpful. Every post made, every content developed must not be wasted!

5. Design content for social shares

While designing & making content, make sure it is something that persuades your audience into forwarding it or make it viral. It should be something that urges user to take action (not mark it spam), but share to gain engagement. Get involved in Twitter, trending hashtags, post relevant information and see the retweets flourishing.