Dec 19, 2020

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, and if you’re serving it right, it can’t go unnoticed!

Graphic designing is THAT ONE tool that helps your brand leave a lasting impression on the audience. It is not just the placement of pictures or the addition of flowy fonts, it is about the harmonization of colors, aesthetic value & deliverance of a thoughtful communication. It’s about discovering & dedicating a unique style to become your trademark that can easily be recognized even through a thumbnail!

One of the very popular social handles amongst the Gen Zs & millennials, known as the Under25dictionary is an absolute social media star that defined its style using popping red & yellow with bold fonts. We love how Coca-Cola highlights their product in numerous ways be it with a can, bottle or even using its logo elements. You’d also be surprised to know how Google transforms its logo & mobile icons to match up with the trends.

On that note, let’s dig some golden rules to quench your quest to find the best graphic designing techniques.

It’s always nicer to see a familiar face in the crowd, and that’s what you should be to your clients. Brands must identify a style that reflects them & become their visual identity. Swiggy’s chirpy saffron & mild white has always stayed constant on their app, website & social media!

Remember, any creative becomes 10x better when it is incorporated with the right content & displayed with the right font size, type etc. When it comes to social media or UI design, make sure that the visual representation is balanced by both- graphics & texts. A hero can’t shine if there are no supporting actors, right?

Till the time your brand is searching for the right visual identity, keep experimenting with every idea you get. If you’re designing a logo make sure you pick the right colors (depending on the emotions they portray) & the right design to make your product or service be the star.

There could be days when you scroll through the net only to end up finding nothing. But that’s momentary. One cannot force creativity in, so if you’re consistent enough it will come around in no time. Just spend more time to brainstorm new ideas & you’re sorted!

While you are at it, make sure to jump in with the trends that go around the internet. Whether it’s with the AirPods Max launch or even solar eclipse!

Relating your brand to a trendy topic & making something super cool out of it simply shows your responsiveness to creativity.

With social media on a roll (3.8 BILLION USERS CURRENTLY! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?), many brands walked the red carpet, marking their online presence on their audience’s favourite hanging spots like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. And if your brand is being followed by your audience it might not be because of the actual service or product you provide, but maybe for the content you put on your channels.

If you are new to digital marketing or still figuring out the ways to perfect the visuals you put, here are some graphic designing hacks that might help.

Hack #1
Use Pinterest, Dribbble or Behance for inspirations
It’s true. To think creatively, you need to surround yourself with creativity. Every designer at first starts with an inspiration, it could be from a painting or an art. What’s important is how you connect the dots & make an original thought out of it! Check out our pinterest to start with (

Hack #2
Draw a rough sketch or layout before starting
Just take out your notepad and doodle different layouts that you wanna try! This is an essential for beginners who struggle gathering thoughts while sliding on the mouse pad.

Hack #3
Study Color theory

You don’t wanna mess with color combinations & rule out your chance of being screenshot worthy. Tip: Bright on bright, RGBs & Neons don’t work together!

Hack #4
Approach designing with Minimalism

Minimalism has been the talk of the town since 2016, and is here to stay simply for the uncomplicated yet super-innovative visuals. Use vectors, flat images & monotones and a combination of bold & sleek fonts to make the best of it.

Hack #5
It’s okay to use negative space

Using negative spaces wisely will provide considerate breathing space for every component placed in the design. It helps in leaving no chance for unnecessary clutter & act as an aid to the audience for better understanding of the design.

Hack #6
It’s okay to use one object or element

If your brand involves a product, please give it the stage it deserves. A simple textual communication along with the product can look as chic as you could imagine.

Hack #7
Don’t shy away from your brand color

Your brand has a face for a reason, so flex it as much! Using your brand colors not only brings authenticity but also make them easily recognizable for your audience.