Jun 13, 2020

Byte to byte, we have built a massive world around, a highly functional digipath! We are a fragment of this world, like thousands of pixels are coming together to give shape to a bigger picture. In the middle of all this, some businesses may feel unwelcome to this new world simply because they still lack a digital marketing plan. While you try to outshine with your top-notch products and services, your competitors are already ahead of you & driving a massive fan-base! Wondering how? Well they have laid out the best digital marketing strategy! As we are moving towards the second half of this year, some things deserve light by now- You & your business.

Why you need it?
1. Reaching Target Audience
Know your audience? Then reaching them won’t be a hassle digitally! Voice your brand & product via powerful content & digital marketing. Align your audience as per your market by reading their interests and requirements. Produce content where you can not only connect with them, but fulfil their demand & be a digital influencer!

2. Brand building

Brand building is one of the valuable aspect of digital marketing! It’s time you identify your brand identity. A brand has its own beliefs & values that their audience connects with. Be clear with your communication and stay consistent while conveying your brand message & story to gain their loyalty, and become one of their interests. Reach your audience and create awareness while engaging them. Show them exactly what they need via your services/ products and win loyalty as they recall your brand! Let your content speak aloud and lead conversion won’t be that far. Spread your brand in the digital market, aiming not only for your target audience but also new and unexplored audience segment.

3. Cost effective

There are many cost-effective digital marketing ways through which you can increase brand awareness. All you have to think about is optimizing your spend and voila! You are in the digital race. You can drive quality traffic via retargeting, get a profitable ROI by running campaigns, use PPC (pay per click) to optimize payments for those who click on your ad & so much more!

4. Analytics

Discover your advantages through the metrics to view how your sales, lead generation, content publishing (organic & paid), and branding is doing on the digital platform. This not only gives you a chance to focus on your potentials, but also help in improving your digital marketing plan, something not easily available in traditional marketing. Today, customers interact on website, giving in important metrics that enhance ideas that are already working out well for you.
Now that you are aware that digital marketing plan is a must-have, then why not be a little trendy about it? The digital landscape has turned a lot competitive in 2020, thus with a digital marketing strategy you may lead the herd. The digital world evolves each year, and so let us give you a foresight about the biggest running digital trends.

1. Personalization
Your customer knows you, but do you reciprocate the same in knowing them? A brand that provides personalization attains a massive customer interest.
While automated tools carry out the daily emails, messages etc., it often leads to lack of trust & connection between the brand & customer. Customers have varying interests, which is why a communication tailored for your target audience is a necessity. For instance, email campaigns can be significantly used by addressing the customer by their name, hence a direct online personalized approach.

2. Social Media

Social media has evolved from photo/ experience sharing platform to online retail platform. Many marketers, businesses & brands have resorted to social media marketing in order to connect, network & sell their services. Recently the ‘Stories’ feature on Snapchat & Instagram has become the number one audience attraction, while TikTok, an online video-sharing social networking service has seen a substantial rise of the daily video views & uploads since its inception. With time, the social media circle is getting bigger, so back-up and loop yourself in with the best social media strategies.

3. User-Generated content

One of the most authentic & honest digital marketing technique is User-generated content, where your customers are given a blank slate to fill, in the form of images, comment or video on social media. User-Generated content intrigues the customer, with a sense of association with the brand. Be it a him or her, most people go through product reviews before an online purchase. Positive reviews enhance your presence & boost sale, so make sure you hit the right button with UGC! Engage audience with polls, contests, re-shares and there you have a valid online presence.

4. SEO- The Content King

SEO is not just a trend, but a crucial content marketing feature. Your website ranking largely depends on it, so you better work it! By adapting to correct SEO practices, you can make your conversion rates rise considerably via numerous organic clicks. It is a proven fact that a website consisting blogs rank much higher than a website lacking blogs. Here’s a pro-tip: Aim for the in-trend on-page & off-page SEO strategies to rule the online world.

5. Influencer marketing

By this time, almost all of us have listed out our favourite influencers in every genre- be it fashion, travel or entertainment! Brands are creating high -quality content via influencer collaborations. From YouTubers, to Instagrammers, to TikTokers, this concept of celebrity endorsement has helped brand gain mass popularity & leads through the fan base/ followers of the influencer in collaboration. For example, beauty influencers associate with national or international beauty brands by launching & endorsing their brand new collections.
A bang on ‘must-do’ for to perfect your brand’s digital marketing!

6. Chatbots

Greetings from Alexa & Siri!
While Voicebots are already in the digital market, Chatbots are the next big thing in the digital marketing plan! The artificial intelligence application can stimulate a human & machine interaction, conclusively enhancing customer experience. Many brands have already swooped in with it, retaining more visitors and contributing to a more personalized experience.

7. Augmented Reality (AR)

Artificial intelligence, and the ease that comes with it! While Virtual Reality has been one of the biggest digital invention till date, Augmented Reality is already the talk of 2020. Yet another personalized experience for the user aims for an on-point marketing technique with its unique feature of integrating a digitally formed image in real world. E-commerce brands can benefit largely by introducing AR in their digital marketing strategy. For example, Lenskart went on-board with it in 2017 by introducing a new ‘3D try-on feature’, that witnessed massive shift to app users and a definite increase in sales.
So, are you ready for your digital ride?