Jan 4, 2020

As we step onto the fourth year, we look back on the paths & challenges we crossed and it makes us smile. The digital universe is fast paced, the ideas have never turned static and creativity has gushed in tons. From affirming the idea of being a marketing contender to actually being on field, we are grateful to be able to establish a home for ourselves in this ever-changing digi-world.

Purple Sketch Digital was born out of an idea to be inclusive of every digital marketing solution under a click of fingers. The year went like a bolt of thunder, in a flash but with undeniable impact. We have completed many chapters & started new, purely by the trust of all our clients who stood firmly by us and believed in our ideas. It has been three years since inception and our evolution holds gratitude for all our associates & partners. Hence, we thank you for supporting us and our imagination throughout.

With 2020’s arrival, we are thriving to work upon many new upcoming projects & deliver services that adds value. The goal has never been to settle, but to flourish, and that’s what our journey is about. We envision ourselves to be one of the leading digital marketing agencies by 2022, and we are striving towards it with a promise to remain transparent and committed to real-time actions.

We’ve seen ourselves evolve & discover new strategies that has helped us provide top-notch productivity on a plate to our customers. Personalization has been at the core of our services, and we hope this year brings in more focus & determination to provide exclusive customization to our clients. Our resolution is to be more creative, more available & scrutinise the performance scale of our clients. We will be striving to be a better solution provider and abide by the digital marketing transformations. We are set to be more attentive and offer an end to end experience, through a strong digital approach.

2019 was full of new experiences. We got fortunate to be the digital partner at Motorhead Rendezvous by CoWrks, an automobile exhibition of premium brands like BMW, Hoonigan & Ducati.

We also had the opportunity to hear Zoya Akhtar & other eminent personalities speak live at Z by HP, where HP launched a new series of laptops.

To widen our horizon, we connected with various digital marketing biggies driving the digital world and took a dive to understand their expertise in depth.

In these past two years, we have formed a team of creative individuals- from our first hiring back in 2018 to them completing a year on this road-map of discoveries & achievements . They are our comrades and their bright perspective empowers our vision. Together we race to create new landmarks and add onto the existing memories. From team outings to lunches, brainstorming sessions on projects, discussions over action-plan, we have made a trajectory of progression, developed as a team & as individuals.

Purple Sketch Digital is much more than just a digital marketing agency. We believe that our client’s progress mirrors our progress. As we move forward to create new stories we take a moment to give ourselves a round of applause for finding limitless possibilities & uplifting the company’s spirit. To break the bars of traditional marketing and coming out with trendsetting design & content has only been possible through the commitment of our team.