We are your Digital Marketing Partner?

While you are looking for the top digital marketing agency for your brand, have you paused for a moment & wondered ‘WHY?'

There are almost 4.57 billion internet users, and thus the scope of digital marketing has expanded across many business sectors in India. There is a drastic growth overview of the population online, which is why, in this e-generation, connecting with your target audience can be conveniently done via internet marketing.

By acquiring customised marketing strategy and tactics from the plethora of the services offered, Purple Sketch Digital makes your brand stand out.

From Pals to Partners?

Our founders found Purple Sketch Digital to power marketing plans into solving digital challenges faced by businesses!
Ms. Punika Chaturvedi is a dancer at heart and has an eye for creativity. Purple Sketch Digital is a brainchild of Punika which is growing leaps and bounds under her magnificent leadership. Her attitude of “born to win” has laid down a robust foundation for this organization. She has been working hard to take Purple Sketch Digital to be amongst the top digital marketing agencies.
For Satyam Arora, Marketing has been a way of life for over a decade. A people’s person and a firm believer of inclusive growth, he is an avid event manager, a digital marketer, a team player and a strategist. His widespread exposure, expertise and vision of different domains of marketing gives Purple Sketch Digital a distinctive edge.

Established in the year 2017, Purple Sketch Digital is a content-cum-strategy driven digital marketing agency, that aims to provide clients with engaging and growth accelerating content with respect to their brand strategy. Our team delivers & executes exceptional digital marketing services. We strive to be the leading digital marketing agency in the country.


Our marketing experts devise tailor-made digital marketing plans that improve brand identity, drive an excellent ROI, and enhance your brand status. No matter how big or small your business is, our team helps you gain traction by specifically targeting your audience!

Purple Sketch Digital your digital marketing partner, and we pledge to help you overcome every online marketing challenge through our excellent digital consultancy.

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