Why digital?
Planning to grow leaps & bound with digital boost, or want to start afresh? We take a leap into your business portfolio to understand and build the right mix of digital medium where you can be heard. Back in the olden days, marketing was only a one-way communication via traditional marketing, where customers were fed the entire brand details via print mediums leaving no choice for them to voice their opinion or know how it would benefit them. Since the exponential growth of the digital world, the consumer-corporation relation has taken a complete turnover. We dive into the diversified audience and crack the code of acing in the digital world. While you carefully devise a brand that reflects your customer’s values, we make sure to spread them wide across the digital channels so that you can drive back efficient ROI. For a continuous and positive return on investment, we provide your brand a sustainable placement by strategizing plans to develop your brand story, pragmatically and rationally. It has become difficult to surface your content amongst infinite competitions in the digital sphere, which is why we take the new challenges by investing time into developing a full-fledged scheme that drives sales.
Our Services
Social Media Marketing

At this point, not having an active #socialmedia presence is like pulling out a flip phone at a business meeting and not understanding why Brad keeps getting all the new accounts. #SMM -via @contentfac (Twitter)

Want them to like, comment and share you? All of this is possible if you know how to ace social media marketing, and we are here to help you become their #socialmediagoals. Become a trendsetter, and let the crowd follow you. Improve lead generation, boost conversions and sales through social media marketing and create a loyal fan-following in the vast digital hub. Your customers are seeking answers, entertainment & information, we help you become the first one to deliver it to them. Our creative digital agency promotes your brand by creating & sharing engaging content inorganically as well as organically.

Say NO to hide and seek! Unveil yourself and connect with your audience on the places they are found the most. We guarantee to make it easy in your quest to build brand on various social media platforms.

Search Engine Marketing (PPC – Pay Per Click)

It’s time to speak for your audiences’ needs! Choose the words your customers are searching for in the campaign, without missing out on potential ROI. We place you where your target audience comes looking for you by solving your jumble to put the right words together.

Our aim is to increase visibility that can in turn produce high ranking thus high sales. Our paid search specialists make an optimised social media marketing strategy & carry them out with on-point smm services.

We conduct comprehensive audit and competitive research to improve your brand’s performance, and get high ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). An in-depth keyword research by our PPC marketing adword experts helps in identifying words with the highest volume, then carefully edited to increase traffic and improve website ranking.

Search Engine Optimisation

Why SEO? Types of SEO – On page & Off page?

Strengthen your digital presence and stand out in billions of searches through effective and best SEO strategies by our specialists! By using effective keywords, our SEO specialists help your business gain more traffic and leads. We ensure that your site has a credible visibility on the world wide web and evaluate your business via our customized strategies to meet your SEO goals.

We give you insights about your consumer’s questions and concerns, an added benefit for your business and increasing organic traffic. Optimising landing pages to drive quality traffic through online communication channels.

Grow the quality and quantity of the traffic you acquire through our on page SEO strategies while reaching the local customers easily and convert them into leads through our best off page SEO services. We provide you with the best of backlinking, Social Media Engagement, Influencer Outreach that can transform your digital game completely!

Campaign Marketing

Witnessed record breaking campaigns? With our perfectly organized & well-planned marketing campaign strategy, make your brand come alive & win hearts. Our expert team of strategists, content creators & analysts undergo research to produce thoughtful & impactful marketing campaign ideas.

If your brand is lacking the voice it entered the digital field with, you need to reinforce your plan in order to acquire more audience & generate more revenue. A right marketing campaign is defined to achieve marketing goals, reclaim brand’s promise & increase the landscape for brand exposure. We believe ‘attraction marketing’ is the key to unlock the right outcome, thus we follow every digital marketing feature like SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM etc., for distribution.

It starts with determining the goal, brainstorming & developing creative & copy, creating metrics, scheduling and finally implementing the campaign. Be it a product & brand launch, rebranding & repositioning, every step is thought through before moving ahead.


Not all that glitters is Gold! Know what it means. Killing the cat for you and bringing you the most meaningful insights for a goal-oriented strategy. We help you uncover valuable insights that can help you to create and evolve your online presence via regular in-depth study. We provide you with thorough metrics by which you can not only know how your brand is performing but also help you find ways in improving.

Our experts provide three analytics for the betterment of you brand’s digital presence

1. Website Analytics
- We keep a tab on visitors & leads, whether converted or not.
- Can help in identifying the effectiveness of website’s layout & design
- Real-time experimenting via A/B testing
- Run test on non-convertible customers to identify the service you are lacking

2.Social Media Analytics
- A detailed form on what kind of posts are most liked by your target audience
- Developing communication that is easier to adapt with for your client
- Providing metrics on advertising new post
- Gaining traffic & promoting brand
- Monitoring tweets & shares

3. Customer/ CRM Analytics
- We customise customer data like information & behaviour in one place that helps retain profitable customers
- Target customers of all channels by equating to different method
- Adapting quantitative & qualitative surveys to understands client’s perception
- Spotting big trends, implementing it, and analysis sales driven via it
- Provided personalised experience to every customer & analysing the result

ORM- Online Reputation Management

”A @SproutSocial study found that customers want #socialmedia responses within 4 hours, but average response time is 10 hours. #SMM”

Be it offline or online marketing, retain your consumers by increasing reliability and trustworthiness. Encourage happy clients to stick around because their feedback is your number one priority! In the digital marketing field, it’s necessary to know the feedback of your product, service pr agent in order to provide a good customer experience. Negative or no digital presence can hamper your brand severely and can lead to little revenue generation.

At Purple Sketch Digital, we put your brand in the limelight where the audience can learn & know about you. We set up reputation monitors for quick identification when any problem starts to sputter. Our team is highly skilled with responses and handling feedback to entrust clients in your brand. An ORM service is not a one-time activity, which is why we indulge in long-term responsibility by monitoring frequently & devoting to quick reaction.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tools. Compared to other digital marketing features, email marketing methods are economically feasible to draw in a large audience. We make sure to not only use email marketing to sell your service or product, but also build relationships and rapport with the customers. With eye-catching phrases you can draw attention to your brand or even produce an intriguing email marketing campaign! Our designers develop a customized email using creative concepts and brand ideas that are trendy and leave an impact. So, let’s add onto the list and create a virtual ladder for you to reach to the digital rooftop!

Influencer Marketing

Rising high, influencer marketing is topping the marketing bar at a fast pace in the digital marketing trends of 2020. Why are you lagging behind? It’s time to bring in a leader that your audience likes & follows, and let them put out your words for you. There are almost 560 million internet users in India, marking it as the second largest online market. Most of this population spends a considerate amount of time on social media, following their favourite influencer. Influencer marketing can have a similar impact as that of a celebrity. Our team can help you identify the influencers that you can collaborate with and spread your spread out in the digital horizon.